2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

We have all come together in this time of need to support our community and our families. Be Safe, be kind, be thoughtful, be well and be courageous.

Take-away Meals Served at Parliament Street Entrance

To maintain the new standards invoked by the Province and City it is imperative that immediate financial assistance be received. Along with our Indigenous community partners we have contacted our government funders in order to inform them of the growing need faced by our urban members during this international crisis. We have also set up a specific COVID-19 fund for our friends, community members and businesses who would like to contribute.

Our Community Response

Like many other centres and businesses, Council Fire is learning new ways to deliver its programs and services. An early adopter of social and digital media, we are leveraging those resources to reach out to our learners, families, seniors and staff, in order to stay in touch and monitor their well-being. We are currently working on expanding staff and client access to important digital resources that will allow for the delivery of ongoing cultural and counseling services and resources that provide comfort and relief in this unpredictable environment.

Changes to our Regular Operations

As an Indigenous agency, Toronto Council Fire Native Cultural Centre, continues to serve the downtown community, committing to its health and safety needs and well-being.

Today, we are doing our part to avert the catastrophic spread of COVID-19. We know that this virus is ever-increasing across Ontario and in Toronto. While most of our community members and clients find themselves in the downtown area, we are also providing necessary services to those on the outskirts of the city. It is unfortunate that our clients, who are marginalized,homeless, and those at risk of homelessness, by the vary nature of their circumstance depend upon the support services of our collective agencies. As a result of that component, we currently provide over 55,000 meals annually.

This pandemic has made it difficult for us to organize as it brings additional challenges to our Centre, which is annually underfunded. This new extraordinary demand generated by COVID-19 now requires us to purchase and access protective equipment, medical equipment, sanitization supplies, and added health and safety supports. We are also experiencing an increase in demand on our already challenged food supplies.

While our Gathering Place is closed, we continue to offer 3 meals a day (2 on weekends) through the provision of take-away meals distributed from our Parliament Street entrance PDF schedule. Clients are asked to maintain proper social distancing (2 metres apart) while waiting in line. The Centre also continues to provide food bank services and meals on wheels to registered clients. Any surplus food donations that we receive, we distribute to partner organizations and to Indigenous and community housing groups.


Despite being closed for on-site programming, our sectors have devised ways to stay in contact with their clients and learners.

Along with developing in-house interactive activities and communications, through our social media platforms (see logo strip on left for links) we have also linked to partner organizations, “best practices” sites and official media/government information sites to assist our members in locating safe, fun, educational, cultural  and important information resources. For more information, visit our sites or give us a call during regular business hours at: 416-360-4350

On the right, see samples of Toronto Council Fire’s COVID-19 activities along with some of our resource materials.

Council Fire Online During COVID-19

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Struggling to stay balanced?
The following are some wholistic activities to try either individually or with the whole family to practice staying grounded while social distancing.⁣ By using the four colours of the medicine wheel, we are able to guide ourselves and help achieve balance in all four realms.
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Sacred Fire Teachings
Kevin Myran offers the fire some tobacco and cedar for everyone who is going through all sorts of emotions (stress, worry, anxiety) through this turbulent time. From our family at Toronto Council Fire to yours, we send you our deepest prayers.

Online Activities and Courses
Youth and Education participants connect online with their instructors for workshop lessons, feedback and video/teleconference reporting. Our youth picked up where they left off with their drum making workshop, started during Youth Night, prior to #covid19.
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Missing the gym? So are we! We thought we would bring some at home workouts to you!
Check out our Wellness & Wellbeing Stairs Workout video that you can do at home whether it’s a house, apartment or condominium. It’s very important to stay active at this time!

Three Sisters Soup
Keep well by having Three Sisters Soup: corn, squash and beans, all rich in nutrients and vitamins.
To learn more about the Three Sisters Teachings see this source by Wabano:

Inspiration and Wisdom in Difficult Times

Good words from Grandmother Renee Thomas-Hill and Elder Allan Jamieson Sr. shared with us by the Indigenous Diabetes Health Circle (IDHC). Visit their social media sites for posting from Elders and Indigenous Practitioners, as well as cooking demonstrations and soon to be physical activity videos as well.  @DiabetesCircle