Education, Awareness and Well Being

Ages Clients in 2018-2019
Learners 19+ 200

The Education, Awareness and Wellbeing Sector offers participants the opportunity to revisit and build on their Indigenous and academic interests. With positive classroom learning environments, we encourage learners to be expressive of their learning experiences. Our LBS/EU program is intended for learners who want to upgrade their communications, math, and/or computer skills in order to prepare for: post-secondary programs, training in apprenticeship programs, and/or employment.

Programs and Services

Computers: Topics covered includes basic computer skills, keyboarding, Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office – basic and intermediate levels. Additionally, sessions in programs and applications such as Skype and the use of the Internet, smartphones and tablets are available.

Books with Bryce: A weekly class which introduces learners to a variety of interesting books that facilitate the acquisition of such valuable skills as reading comprehension, word retention and vocabulary building.

Art Therapy: Weekly art classes are led by facilitators from Toronto Art Therapy Institute. Classes are learner-centered while fostering growth and a holistic nourishment of the learning spirit.

Present History: This class focuses on present and recent historical events in the lives of Indigenous people and their interaction with the non-indigenous peoples of Turtle Island (North America). Past topics have included Creation stories, Canada/USA border crossings, Oka Crisis, Métis people and the legacy of Louis Riel and the Vancouver Airport Authority/Musqueam Band partnership for the employment of indigenous people.

Communications: Focuses on developing individual literacy skills through developing reading and writing. The foundation of the course is built upon the exploration of Indigenous culture and history, and includes literature, poetry and film materials. By encouraging critical thinking and develop fundamental communication skills and dialogues so that participants become lifelong learners interested in their community’s well-being.

Math: Learners will review and grow their abilities and understanding of Number Sense, Whole Numbers, Fractions, Decimals, Measurements, Geometry and Patterning. Also, Kitchen Math, Money Math and other topics in Math for “Everyday Living” will be covered.

Funded by
Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development

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Ages Clients in 2019-2020
Youth (15-24), Adults no age limit TBD

The vision of the Apatisiwin program is to provide strength, promote self-reliance, and enhance the unity of Indigenous people. Our goal is to increase and improve opportunities for meaningful employment through self-determined activities.

Available Programs
– Employment Supports
– Training Supports
– Apprenticeship Skills Training
– Pre-Employment Training
– On the Job Training
– Purchase of Training
– Canada Summer Jobs
– Youth Internship
– Stay in School Program
– Cultural Industries
– Community-based Projects
– Labour Market Partnerships
– Self-Employment

Additional Services
– Assistance with application completion for post-secondary education and training
– Assistance with locating and applying for scholarships, grants and bursaries available to Indigenous people
– Advocacy for Indigenous people in education and training institutions and the workplace
– Assistance obtaining documentation required for obtaining employment

Resource & Information Centre
– Computers and internet for job searching
– Free access to printers. photocopiers, and fax machines for resume distribution
– Explore current information on community resources, local labour market, training options. and job opportunities

Susan Cada
Apatisiwin Employment Coordinator
416-360-4350 ext. 276

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