Ages Clients in 2018-2019
7-15 35

Our mission is to build confidence and invest positively in children and youth on mental, emotional, physical and spiritual needs in a safe and loving environment. Recognizing the importance of sharing and promoting traditions, it is a priority to ensure participants feel grounded in their culture and community.

Programs and Services

Cultural Programming: A various of teachings are shared weekly from language, storytelling, drumming and traditional dancing

After school programming: Different program opportunities are held Monday to Thursday from 3:30-5:30 p.m. Recent programming includes: swimming, cultural days, sports and recreation along with partnerships with local community centers.

Boy’s Night & Girl’s Night: Guided and catered by youth interests, workshops hosted to promote team building and leadership skills. Some workshops include art therapy, self-esteem and bullying workshops.

March Break: Consists of field trips throughout Toronto such as Little Native Hockey League, Movie Day at Cineplex, Royal Ontario Museum, Kid’s Fun City and or The Science Centre.

Summer Camp: Children and youth are taught culture through language, traditional songs, traditional dancing and land-based activities. With the Maple Leafs Sports and Entertainment partnership, participants engage with other youth summer camps.

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Funded by
– Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services
– MLSE Foundation

Ages Clients in 2018-2019
13-29 TBD

The Youth Life Promotion program is founded on principles of self-determination and cultural reclamation for urban Indigenous youth. The program aims to support the holistic development and provide a continuum of care services for youth at-risk, including addressing physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and well-being.

Program and Services

Cultural Workshops: Sharing cultural knowledge through storytelling, traditional teachings, language workshops and peer-based activities;

Youth Night: A social space featuring homework help, drumming, beading and pow wow dancing accompanied by a homemade meal.

Culture Camps: Providing youth with access to water and land-based activities, Elders and traditional knowledge keepers.

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Ages Clients in 2018-2019
Up to 29 years old 2,761

To improve Indigenous youth and student performance, capability and wellbeing with a wide-range of services.

Programs and Services

Creative Arts: Weekly program in partnership with the Gathering Place. Creative Arts helps our youth, young adults, and adults explore: emotions, self-esteem, relive stress and improve symptoms of anxiety and/or depression.

Boxing: It is an adult fitness class led by instructor’s learning and practicing different techniques at Cabbagetown Boxing Club. Boxing allows a healthy outlet while providing increased self-confidence and physical strength.

Cultural Programming: Cultural workshops and teachings provided on a quarterly basis including: moccasin making, regalia making, ribbon shirt & skirt, fire keeping, rattles and drum workshops, and many more.

Drop-In: Direct services include culturally based programming that address physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being of the individuals. Drop-in services include referrals, advocacy, criminal justice support, housing/shelter assistance, resume and cover letter writing and job searching.

Youth Drop-In: Youth engage in activities celebrating cultural awareness and practices that help provide an understanding of cultural values and support community identity. Sharing circles, learning traditional dances and drumming at the big drum occur weekly in the evening.

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Funded by
Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services

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“All My Relations” in Haundenosaunee

Children Ages Clients in 2018-2019
7-12 2,122

Akwe:go provides urban Indigenous children with culturally appropriate support by providing the tools and environment to build and foster their inherent ability to make healthy choices.

Healthy eating and physical development: Healthy eating is promoted through programming, following the Student Nutrition Program and Diabetes prevention workshops. Children and youth are taught how to make healthy meals, life skills and to make healthy choices. Sports and recreation are provided such as: baseball, skating, lacrosse and swim lessons.

Cultural teachings: Cultural teachings are brought to the youth through various cultural activities such as: hand drum making, learning hand drum songs, pow wow trail teachings, arts and crafts and story telling.

Aanishnaabemowin classes: Weekly language classes are taught to children and youth through games, songs and story telling.

First Fire: Through performing arts, children and youth restore their Identity through role playing, dancing, traditional singing, traditional drumming, and story telling.

– Social supports/ Tutoring
– Institutional interventions
– Violence preventions
– Support Services for children with disabilities (particularly FAS/FASD)
– Supports for children in care or at risk of being in care of a Children’s Aid Society

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Wasa-Nabin means “to look forward, to look beyond” in Ojibway

Youth Ages Clients in 2018-2019
13-18 2,122

Wasa-Nabin focuses on goal setting, leadership skills, violence prevention to promote healthier lifestyles and personal success with urban Indigenous youth.

Programs and Services

General social supports program: providing a safe and supportive environment for youth with access to circles, mentoring, counseling and participant-focused activities

The youth in care program: providing Indigenous children and their adoptive/foster parent with outreach and access to cultural teachings, activities and services.

Healthy eating and physical development teaches children the value of healthy eating habits and participating in regular exercise. Snacks and meals are provided through the lunch and dinner program following the Student Nutrition Program Guidelines.

Education supports: wide-range of supports for student success, achieve personal academic goals notably through tutorial and homework help.

Addressing violence: in collaboration with the Kizhaay Anishnaabe Niin (KAN) program.

Justice interventions: specific needs for court-involved youth.

– Established a Baseball Team at First Nations School with funding support by the Jays Care Foundation. At the end of the season, participants had the opportunity to play at the Rogers Centre baseball diamond (Spring 2019)
– Eight youth participated in the Ski Hill Blues skiing program with Toronto Police Services at 51 Division along with other youth community agencies (Winter 2019)
– Offered a formal Lacrosse Program for youth from Council Fire and First Nations School for the second year (Fall 2018)
– Partnering with the Chill Foundation youth participated in a skateboarding program (Summer 2018)

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Funded by:
– MLSE Foundation

Council Fire Youth Pow Wow in partnership with Artscape - 2017 Regent Park